Behind the scenes of the “Next To Ungodliness” music video.

An interesting idea to shoot an entire video within the walls of a bathroom, and a concept brought to us by the band. With the foundation set we, with the bands push, wanted to take it in a dark direction but still remain realistic. Things happen behind the twist of a silver lock that may never be shared with anyone other than a reflection in the mirror. We knew it had to feel raw, and unbiased; just a camera capturing the nature of a human not under the scrutiny of others. Addiction, self infatuation, identity, danger, purging, etc.

It’s been interesting to see the remarks made, and although I stand firmly against the thought that we support slices of the imagery in a lifestyle sense, I argue that it makes a remark about the things we may often sweep under the carpet; that it’s not science fiction.

Conversation breeds thought which provokes change. Keep it up.

  • 14 December 2013
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